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Kitsu is a community of people who love to chat, hang out, and have fun. We have a variety of services to offer, and we're always looking for new members to join us!

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Encrypted, secure messaging

KitsuChat is a secure, encrypted messaging service based on the Matrix protocol that lets you message anybody using the same protocol, even on different services!

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Fully encrypted
KistuChat is fully end-to-end encrypted, meaning nobody, not even Kitsu can spy on your messages!
KitsuChat is based on the Matrix protocol, ensuring that you can message anybody on any Matrix server.
Open source
KitsuChat uses a free and open source backend and frontend, meaning you can audit the code yourself!
Multiple clients
KitsuChat is compatible with many clients, including Element, FluffyChat, and more!
Connect with the API
KitsuChat has a fully featured API, allowing you to connect to it with your own bots and applications.
Custom emojis
KitsuChat lets you add any animated or static emojis you want, even your own custom ones!

It's all connected

Kitsu services are federated with protocols such as Matrix, ActivityPub and more, meaning you can connect with anybody on any service!

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Fully featured microblogging

KitsuClub and KitsuGay are feature complete microblogging services with emojis, reacts, quote posts, animated avatars, and more! With a vibrant community and new features being constantly added, You'll never get bored!

Based on Sharkey

KitsuClub and KitsuGay are based on Sharkey, a secure, feature-rich, and open-source microblogging platform written in Node.js.

Works with the Fediverse

KitsuClub and KitsuGay are compatible with the Fediverse, letting you chat with over 15M other friendly users

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